Digital Journal Catalogue

You have already worked hard to create a beautifully-printed catalog and you already have a web site, right? So why not leverage the two channels together to promote your brand to a broader audience, After adding your journal to our digital catalog, rating will be provided to journals depend on number of viewers and users of your Journal webpage. Rating will be shown on your digital catalog.

You will get full access after login through your publisher account to edit and publish full information of your added journals.....

  • Issue/articles.

  • Aims & Scope.

  • Editorial Board.

  • Manuscript Submission & Author Guidelines.

  • Other Indexing Information.


  • How much time do my readers spend on my content?

  • How much time on particular subjects/articles/authors?

  • How many are new vs. returning readers?

  • How much attention do they give to my interactive features?

  • How many impressions are my advertisers getting?

  • What is the CTR or conversion rate for my advertisers?

  • Where are my readers located, geographically?

  • How do readers find us?